SEO Services, Campaigns and Tools

SEO services, campaigns and tools

Welcome to fantomaster’s new home of SEO! Featuring the best and most powerful SEO services, campaigns and tools imaginable, including white hat and black hat, but primarily success hat!

We offer online marketing solutions ranging from scalable content generation, consultation, audits, conference talks, seminars, webinars and in house training to software development.

There’s link building solutions here, social media marketing, Kindle and ebook optimization, and lots more.

Learn all about our turnkey, fully managed SEO campaign services here.

You will find the world’s most powerful tools for cloaking (IP delivery) here — with an exclusive 5% discount available only from this site. This discount is good for the #1 industrial-strength cloaking tool: bSeolized shadowMaker™, the world’s most comprehensive database of verified search engine spiders: the bSeolized IPGrabber™ as well as the eminently money-saving solution for AdWords publishers and PPC managers: the ingenious bSeolized qualityCloaker™.

Require your own proprietary linking powerhouse network, 100% controlled by your company alone? Check out our SEO LinkWhisperer™ service.

logobotixX SEO Services

Want to expand your online business (or your activist cause) to China but don’t know how to get around their state censorship? Whether you need to tap the humungous Chinese igaming space or want to support local dissident groups — we will help you defeat the Great Firewall of China (GFOC) with our one-of-a-kind SEO Fire Dragon™ solution.

In need of scalable high quality, unique SEO content for your webpages, your ecommerce database, your affiliate network? Check out our various SEO Content solutions.

Moreover, in search engine optimization, like in most walks of life, education is everything. That’s why we are featuring material that explains the basics of many of the technologies we are offering. Here, for instance, is an overview How PowerCloaking™ 3.0 Dominates the Search Engines. So the next time some clueless self-appointed “expert” tells you that cloaking isn’t working anymore “because the search engines are far too sophisticated in weeding it out these days”, simply point them here.

So please feel free to explore our site and stay tuned: there’s new stuff coming up all the time, and all of it is focused on one single target — assisting you in your efforts at achieving your goals in the search marketing space!

SEO Agencies: Generous agency terms including white label solutions available.

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