Power Cloaking with shadowMaker

SEO tools: power cloaking with shadowMaker
The bSeolized shadowMaker™ tool is the world’s most powerful industrial-strength cloaking (IP delivery) software. Power cloaking with shadowMaker™ is exactly what you need when you’re not primarily concerned with branding but going for traffic and conversions. Widely acclaimed as the world’s benchmark in cloaking and heavy duty IP delivery, it’s a veritable class of its own, unmatched by any other product extant.

That’s why for many years it’s been the professionals’ tool of choice to address the #1 issue of search engine optimization: getting “impossible” sites ranked. More often than not, cloaking or IP delivery is a must for companies whose websites offer very little of what search engine spiders have always preferred: well formatted, keyword dense, optimized and tuned text content.

Some typical examples where you will be sure to benefit from bSeolized shadowMaker™:

  • your web site is made up primarily of dynamically generated content
  • your setup consists primarily of catalog pages featuring short product descriptions, price tags and a shopping cart system but little to no keyword rich textual content
  • beyond this, your textual content is limited to category headers, product names, order codes etc.
  • your web site is rich in graphics
  • your web site features Flash code
  • your web site features Real Video
  • your web site features audio streams
  • your web site features Quickview code
  • your web site features Shockwave code
  • your web site features Java applets
  • your web site navigation is JavaScript biased
  • your web site requires cookies e.g. to determine which content to display to whom and when
  • your web site is organized via a Content Management System, generating non-standard URLs, visitor tracking strings, endless session codes etc.
  • your web site is run — in part or fully — via binary executables and/or Perl and CGI programs, employing URLs rich in hieroglyphic character strings such as question marks, blanks, proprietary path symbols etc.

In all these cases, search engine spiders have preciously little to go on in their quest to determine what your web site is actually about. And as a webmaster, you for your part don’t have a lot of leeway to infuse your pages with the keywords and search phrases you are targeting.

Considering that you’re in a highly competitive environment with thousands of other sites offering very similar products or services, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that your chances at achieving good to excellent search engine rankings are practically zero!

In short: almost everything that qualifies for state-of-the-art these days cannot be spidered or indexed efficiently! (And yes, Google: that specifically includes you too!

Given the above scenario, the only solution to facilitate organic targeted traffic and get your site ranked well is to set up an industrial-strength cloaking outfit to feed the spiders what they need. This cloaking outfit offers the crawlbots/spiders exactly what they are after: pages that are rich in relevant content, with targeted keywords or search phrases included at the optimum keyword density, featured in the page titles, meta tags, site links etc.

Such cloaking requires the use of phantom pages and Shadow Domains™.

So how does it work?

Phantom pages are web pages offering highly optimized and tuned content intended for search engine spiders only. Shadow Domains™ are dedicated websites focused on offering optimized content to search engines while redirecting human visitors to a targeted site. So, technically speaking, Shadow Domains™ are web sites consisting entirely of cloaked pages not intended for human perusal.

As these pages aren’t intended for human consumption (in fact they’re actually invisible to human surfers), the text content deployed needn’t really make “sense” in any grammatical meaning of the word as long as its semantic content is relevant to your pages’ focus.

The Professional Solution

bSeolized shadowmaker is the world’s first fully automatic Shadow Domain™ generator — it will generate 100% relevant and unique content for your Shadow Domains™, creating an unlimited number of highly optimized unique pages including site maps in fully customizable keyword density and page weight at the rate of 100,000 pages an hour or more, solely depending on your hardware.

Once the pages have been spidered, indexed and ranked, search engine generated human traffic is redirected in realtime (i.e. without delay) by search phrase to any URL you wish.

To achieve this, bSeolized shadowMaker™ integrates a number of our most powerful proprietary engines. Until we rolled it out, creating an efficient, truly optimized Shadow Domain™ was a matter of days if not weeks — this is now possible within a few minutes at the most!

SEO tools: power cloaking with shadowMaker


Optimization for Unlimited Keywords and Search Phrases
Keyword or search phrase selection is the most critical aspect of effective search engine optimization. Human search behavior being the unpredictable factor it is, what it really boils down to is a numbers game — hence, unlimited choice of targeted search terms is all-important to your search engine rankings efforts.
This can never be achieved in totality with conventional “white hat” SEO — only a heavy duty IP delivery setup lets you cover the full spectrum of possible search queries.

bSeolized shadowMaker™ Features in a nutshell


  • Unlimited number of cloaked domains: Set up as many ShadowDomains™ as you require
  • Fully Automatic Relevant Content Generation: Takes care of all your cloaked content needs on autopilot
  • Highly Optimized Site Structure: Unlimited number of intelligently interlinked, absolutely unique phantom pages
  • Comprehensive Site Maps: Generated automatically — all-important for deep crawling search engine spiders
  • Fully Targeted Realtime Visitor Redirection: Conducted on system level without delay
  • Full Usage and Traffic Stats: Our integrated proprietary stats tool secures that invaluable resource for performance monitoring, keyword research etc.
  • Easy Customization: Laser target your specs individually or deploy full automatic radomization
  • Intuitive GUI: One of the most intuitive GUIs of all server based Perl applications extant
  • Free Installation: Free installation service (optional) — 100% money back guarantee if program won’t run on your recommended web server!
  • Free Personal Coaching: Individual one-on-one voice chat training session with a highly qualified native English speaker in step-by-step tutoring including state-of-the-art screen sharing
  • Stellar Support: Highly responsive support via email and ticket system; more options available via individual scheduled setup (Skype, phone, messaging)

The above is merely a brief overview of the key features.
For the full list (long read!), please check out:
Tons of Features, Tons of Strong Reasons
to Use shadowMaker™



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