Kindle and ebook optimization

Kindle and ebook optimization

Did you know (most people don’t) that Kindle and ebook optimization can make or break your success as an online publisher?
Even more importantly: that the entire process is actually fairly simple once you know exactly what to do — and which nasty pitfalls to avoid? Better yet: once you’ve mastered the procedure successfully, you can rinse and repeat at your leisure.

If you’re planning on multiple Kindle ebook projects, better hire the experts (us!) for the first one. It’ll give you a template you can reuse in your other efforts in future — no need to keep us on retainer!

Kindle & Ebook
Optimization Service


1. Custom Kindle optimization guide

We will furnish you with an extensive step-by-step report on how to improve your ebook’s Kindle ranking and, by inference, your sales.

This will cover, among other topics, areas such as:

  • Title optimization: some tips with a number of proposed alternatives for you to either choose from or possibly make use of as an inspiration
  • Description optimization: one very critical element that actually cannot ever be over-optimized
  • Content optimization: Suggestions for ramping up the book’s content proper for improved readability, conformity with your clientele’s reading mores (e.g. differences between an American and a British audience) and to appropriately prepare for future website based promotional and SEO efforts
  • Submission Optimization: Optimization of submission form entries ranging from proper category selection to search keyword entries, plus a few notes on “Author” usage and some further (fairly sneaky but 100% legit) optimization options
  • Pricing Optimization: a few make-it-or-break-it tricks here you positively need to know about and check out for better results both on the ranking and, more important, the sales front
  • Amazon KDP Select Optimization: some highly effective marketing strategies to help you create additional/alternative revenue streams via the KDP Select and the Amazon Prime sales conduit
  • Solicitation of Buyer Reviews: a very powerful sales tool if conducted properly i.e. carefully, avoiding potential pitfalls.

2. Full editing and proofreading run

Here, we’ll focus in the main on implementing your preferred keyword/keyword phrases as and where appropriate. This should service you well at a later point when you’ve set up a website to promote your ebook(s) as you can then make use of pertinent keyword optimized excerpts from your manuscript to display them on your site for both promotional and search engine optimization purposes. (Making Google happy!) This will also save you tons of time and effort further down the road!

3. Full, Unlimited Phone Support

Ask as many questions as you like. Yes, you read right: we’ll be available for help, advice and support until you finally run out of questions! Obviously, it will be best to manage this by arranging for phone conferences by prior appointment so as to condense the sessions as efficiently as possible — but whether this will be spread across two weeks or five or even six months is entirely up to you.

4. Blueprint Forever

Finally, all this will give you a complete, detailed blueprint which you can easily copy, modify and adjust to your future ebook ventures without having to consult us again — in other words, we’ll be helping you to make ourselves redundant. Because as they say in art and in yoga: a master’s not concerned with creating master students but fresh masters.

5. 100% Compliant

All of the optimization strategies, tactics and techniques covered by this service are in 100% compliance with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Turnaround time for item #1 above: appr. one week
Turnaround time for item #2 above: appr. 10-12 business days
Rates: please inquire via the form below.


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