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Beyond our own services and tools there are plenty of other good SEO resources out there that will help make a Web entrepreneur’s and a webmaster’s life a lot easier.

Here are some of our recommendations.

Disclosure: some (though by no means all) of the following are affiliate links.

Also, while this list is obviously anything but comprehensive, it’s being updated and expanded quite frequently — so bookmark it (Ctrl + D) and stay tuned!

  • But first off, how about having a bit of fun with our interactive revelatory piece How Agencies Do SEO
    SEO Tools
  • Competitive SEO Analysis: Neil Patel’s Quicksprout lets you compare your website with up to 3 competitors in one fell swoop and download the results as a pdf file or in Excel format. And yes, it’s free.
  • SEO Mass Analysis: The free Netpeak Checker is a unique desktop tool designed for the mass analysis and comparison of websites on a wide range of different parameters. You can then export the findings to Excel. Very neat.
  • Expired Domains: Find all those profitable expired domains by firing up FreshDrop, the ultimative tool. Not free but used in the right way it’s like a moneyprinting machine.
  • Text Spinner: Make no mistake — no matter what “Artifical Intelligence” hype vendors will try to sell you on, there is not a single automatic text spinning tool on the market that’s perfect enough to consistently fool a trained human editor! The good news being that perfection isn’t always actually called for e.g. if you’re populating feeder sites or expendable churn-and-burn domains. As spinners go, WordAi is currently the most powerful and versatile, featuring a tolerable degree of quality. There’s a 3 day free trial available during which you can run it through the motions to see whether it meets your requirements.
  • Black Hat SEO Mega Tool: In the black hat SEO world, ScrapeBox is considered to be ultimate, the King of Tools. Its versatility is unmatched: scrape, check, ping, post to your black heart’s content with this discounted (limited time only) version of ScrapeBox. Positively a class to its own.

    For the eminently enlightening Ultimate Guide to Scrapebox SEO (free) by Jacob King, go here.
    Web Hosting & Server Admin
  • Web Hosting: Good hosting is important for SEO to safeguard fast response times and make sure the search engine spider can actually crawl your site properly. That doesn’t mean it must cost you an arm and a leg, however. At Hostgator (one of the Internet’s major hosting providers — we’re using them ourselves), you can currently save 25% on all new hosting bundles.
  • Server Health: Checking your server’s health and overall configuration can be all-important to prevent being blacklisted for spam etc. IntoDNS checks the health and configuration and provides DNS report and mail servers report and provides suggestions to fix and improve them, with references to protocols’ official documentation.
  • Server Forensics: Need to perform forensic analysis of name and email servers, path analysis, authenticate and locate domains? DNSstuff helps you do that and to keep an eye on blacklists as well as monitoring web, email and name server compliance and connectivity.
  • .htaccess On Steroids: A collection of useful .htaccess snippets.
  • Central Management for Multiple WP Sites: Here’s a tool that will save you time and money with your WordPress management tasks when you’re running multiple WP sites. Be sure to check out ManageWP and conduct a free trial run.
  • SEO for WordPress: If there’s one single tool that will optimize your WordPress install for the search engines, it’s the well acclaimed free WordPress SEO Plugin by Dutch developer Joost de Falk aka Yoast.
  • Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin: Kill your bounce rate (which may negatively affect your SERP rankings) by redirecting your visitors to any URL of your choice when they click the back button. This turns your “lost” traffic into profit! Get it here: Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin

    Mobile & Apps
  • Free Business Apps: offer white label business apps for the Google Store. Buy none, get 1 free.

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